vicious circle

i see so many people today playing video games , either on the compuer or on their phones. by playing the games they earn virtual money for which they can buy other items so that they are ingrained in the will to play again. this is a very likely a vicious circle because they play not in order to end it but just in order to play. it is like when someone eats not in order to live but only waits until one is hungry again so that one can again feel the pleasure of having eating something good. it is of course necessary to eat, it is also necessary to eat good, but we should avoid making an idol of the food we eat. in the end, it is not possible to say that it is evil to like eating, but it is our duty to help people from their addictions. addition to food or computer games is as evil as addiction to drugs for example, although people do not consider it so evil. what about addiction to pornography? in todays society it is natural to watch porn and,or masturbate and it is deemed normal, sometimes even benefitial as a tool how to relax are get rid of stress. noone say that it is also addiction as evil as to that of drugs. we can compare it to drugs and it can be even more detrimental than drugs, because drugs are material. once one does not have the drug, then one gets sober, sooner or later. but pornography is a little bit different. pornography may come from outside, we may view it on the computer, but it also may come from the inside. our ideas about eroticism and lust that we volunterily create in our minds are usually pornography as well. one may view a naked person and deem it either good, as art for example or one may see it as pornography, if one likes to, then it is evil. what comes from the outside is one thing, but what we do with it, if we relish in our lustful, egoistical fantasies or if we refrain from doing so depends only on our own conscience.

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