Love again

I think that is is St.Augustine who said the one should love, and then one may do whatever one wants to do. the condition to do anything in a good way is that one loves. once one loves then anything he does must be inevitably good because that is our predestination. the health problems people have also stem from lack of love for oneself and for others. I myself had these troubles. I thought that once I get better I start to be better to other and to myself. this does not work, it is vica versa. one must at first strive to be agood person and then one feels better. if one waits to feel better and then start to be a good person then one may wait for eternity. I wanted to workout, be muscular but my physiology is not build for having muscles. I now understand that the need to look good was my egoistical desire and that is why I could not love and be a good person as I wish to be. I thought to myself then once the problems pass then I shall start to be a good person. The problems that I had because my ego did not pass only when I started to understand that I must love myself and others. Love oneself, not ones ego. This is the key. Once one loves ones self, not the ego, then one understands that the only important thing in life is the Life itself, and of course Love, because as I said that is our predestination. Once one loves, then one does not hurt onself, others etc and understands that ego is the opposite of love, and maybe ironically and paradoxically what our ego does not want is what makes us happy, although it is different happines from that we know as happiness. THe happiness that stems from love and unegoistical behaviour is the true happiness we all strive for although our ego may tell us otherwise.

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