meaningless fear

why do we fear death? is it because we think it is too early to die right now? but when the time comes then it is not early or late. some people have a life aim to have children. this is the most common one. one may think that it is time to leave once the children grow up. is it really time to go? when is the time to go? i think that such hypothesizing is in fact meaningless. i think that as the gospel says we do not know the day nor the hour. we may want to stay here a bit longer but may die in a second. this all is possible. this does not mean to say that we should not have aims because the possiblity of achieving them in the form we wish is virtually impossible. we should have aims, have children etc but should not think about future so much. as Jesus says, tomorrow has its woes, live today. by worrying noone gets to live any longer so why bother worrying.

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