talking and listening

sometimes I read discussions where people talk about their problems and ask for advice or help. I is strange that people seek asnswers for example to health problems, which is I think irrelevant. what does this say about such people? it may say that they are afraid to go to the doctor and it may also say that they do not see their problems as so important and talking is for them more important than their health. I think that this is case today of many people. we miss communication, someone o talk to, someone who listens to us and the reality that our health may deteriorate is not as important as having someone on whom I may rely on, someone who is compassionate to be, someone who pities me and so on. today we lose touch with other people and the pain of body is not as strong as the pain of soul. if we do not start to listen to others instead of listening only to what we want to hear, then we shall never hear the truth from others and we shall also never be ready to accept the truth. it is detrimental to us if we only talk about ourselves. it is necessary to talk to others, but it must be in order to do a good thing, not indulge in the fact the someone admires me because this is egoistical. it is important to talk to others and then listen to them and be ready to change my views based on the thing others say to me. I should not listen to anybody blindly, but anything anyone says should be taken seriously and into accout. anything I hear should inspire me because there is nothing absolutely good or absolutely evil. the only absolutely evil thing is thinking that now I know the truth and now I should always speak and never listen.

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