carpe diem?

how beautiful it must be to die living ones dream? I heard a bbc program about a base jumper. he was talking about some friends of his who lost their life during jumping and he expressed his bereavement very intensely but did not regret doing it nevertheless. the danger notwithstanding the adrenalin and living life to the fullest ist worth the risk. is there something bad about risking ones life? this cannot be answered naturally right away and it again depends on individual conscience, but is not a short life lived to the fullest better than a long one spent in fear? the only genuine fear we should have is the fear of fear. if we enjoy the day we do not have nothing to be afraid of. by enjoying the day I mean living with God, doing what one considers the best and not fearing anything because once one is with God, then there is only fear of fear. only fear of losing God, nothing else is there to be feared. and the fear of fear is not fear per se. carpe diem I would say is the key to a happy living. carpe diem in my view is not about destroying ones body in order to experience as much as possible, it means to enjoy as much as possible while I listen to God and then the end of my physical body shall come in the right time.

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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