confinement of others

i have been thinking a bit about Confinement and observation of other people. I realize a little bit that as Michael Foucalt says knowing about someone something give me a kind of power and control about that person. Knowledge is power, this is know. Knowledge about someone is power about someone. As a social care worker, I could not help the people I help should I have no knowledge about them. Nevertheless, I realize that there is a fine line between helping and abusing. In social care I sometimes see that when people get power over other people, the subconsciously start to control them and unknowingly rob them of their freedom. This is most of the time not done with the purpose of harming them but just opposite purpose, to help them. we usually help the way we would like to be helped. This is unfortunately very unfortunate. Helping others is in my view more helping them to help themselves alone, not helping them directly. I see more and more that my job is not to help them, but teach them how to be able to help themselves. By doing this I lose the control I have over them and let them do what they want to do. we are somewhat predestined biologically to like having control over things and also over people. Helping other is somewhat irrelevant because if we as stronger destroy the weaker instead of helping them, then we secure a better position for ourselves. If we do not help them, then we can gain more power. Why should we like to lose power by letting them out of our control voluntarily. Independence and freedom is what I hold as the most important thing and value in our lives. If we keep someone confined, then we rob the person of the most important thing, of our essence. Animals do not have choice, people have and that is why the confinement should be the last option, only after all others are deemed impossible.

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