dependence on worldly things

I saw an inscription today which says: custodiae mente captorum. I did not know what it meant and tried to google it. To my wonder and astonishment, I could not find what it means. I am used to so much to the easiness of acquiring information that once I find the source unable to help me, I felt understandably frustrated. I see that I depend so much on things outside my control that should the things stop working, then I would really be unable to go on easily with my life. This is a very minor thing but it is really shocking for me. how come we let ourselves be so dependent on things that may so easily fail? I think that the root for this is our comfort. it is very comfortable to be always in touch and we get used to it. once we lose touch, we are unable to swipe easily back into the old ways that were used before we learnt the new ways. this flexibility is what we should learn. I think that there is not a reason to think catastrophic scenarios, but nevertheless, I think that it is good to be at least mentally prepared that the world of today with all its merits may sooner or later, slowly or quicky fade or vanish completely. If we cannot prepare for this physically, it is virtually impossible to start building shields or having large amounts of food, but it is possible to start thinking in the paradigm of rapid changes, because change is what drives us to development. The need to change ourselves and things around us made us better and more developed. if we see crisis as a tool to improve our society, then we may be no longer afraid of it.

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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