influence x inspiration

I had a discussion yesterday about whether for catholic people is baptism more important than faith. I do not see any sense talking about these things because we never get a true answer. We very often do not get answers, but in this unworldy issues, whether there is a God or not, I do not see any sense. Nevertheless, in that discussion I supported the opinion that baptism is important, it is one of seven sacraments, but all sacraments to work there must be faith under, above and around. faith is what Jesus wants us to have and be. be faithful to ourselves and to Him. I also think that when Jesus talks about baptism, he means metaphoric baptism, not real pouring water on someones head as todays Church does. I as a practising roman catholic believer belive in sacraments but I always believe in my judgment more than anything else. I even believe that someone may be in connection to God without Baptism, communion, reading Bible etc, because faith comes from the inside, nothing that comes from the outside can really influence us utterly, it may only inspire us, but we should not let ourselves be influenced by it more than we really want to. Our judgment is what should be first and foremost as the essence that directs our being. This does not say that everything is relative and that murder for example may be good. Naturally, we may debate about whether it is good to kill a despotic ruler who imprisons and kills his enemies. We may think about killing a terrorist who wants to kill its hostages. to this we never get definite answers. These are moral dilemats that may make our reason and conscience more clever, but it should not have a definite answer that we adopt.

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