the evil of promiscuity

is there something wrong about casual sex? having sex just for fun or among friends is very common today, as well as having sex prior to marriage. is there something that we should be cautios of when we think about this toppic? I saw a documentary named twilight of porn stars. the director asked the porn actor whether they are in peace with the fact that they have a partner that they have relationship with and at the same time they have partner they have only sex with. some actors said that it is alright but one actor said that it is not natural and that having more partners is not normal. this is very interesting. many people think that it is natural for men to spread sperm as animals do and now a porn actor admits that it is not so and that even bigamy is not normal. i do not know the answer but we may discuss what is wrong about having sex just for fun. The actor said that anyone he has sex with he also creates a kind of bond to. this was reiterated also by some others actors and I would also agree with it. this is the vital thing, it is not possible to not create a bond. Even when talking to someone, one of the actresses said, creates a bond. This bond is weaker or stronger. nevertheless, the bond that is created when having intimate relationship, intercourse is immensely stronger. they may ignore it but even those emotionally weak create a bond that is very strong. the bond may not last for ever, we may not see the person again, but the body remembers it. if the body remember that it spread sperm or acquired it, then it creates a subconscious bond to that person. we may not know it consciously , but it is burried somewhere in the unconsciouosness or in our subconscious and it comes out now or then. There is ample evidence that porn actors, prostitues, as well as people with criminal problems come from background that is not good. People continue in what they see in childhood. if they see mum and dad to caress about each other, then then shall do it most likely as well. if they see that the relationship is uneven, then they may very probably also have an uneven relationship, be too docile or too dominant. i cannot really imagine a prostitute or a porn actor or actress who would come from a family where he or she was loved and start doing such career. i do not judge the people, far from it. i see that their choice for this carreer is very likely influenced very much due to the behaviour they saw in their parents when they were young. I would like to emphasize that having more sexual partners in life is not natural and that the body and mind is much happier with the chosen one, then with choosing new and new one again and again.

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