I wonder whether there is something wrong with people who are addicted- to anything. People drink, smoke, watch soup operas but also run, workout, read and so on. These are all addictions. We are entitled to be addicted, because we are also forced to do things, for example in our occupations, that we do not like. We need to compensate what we do not like by doing that we like in a greater degree than we would normally do, if we were not forced to do things that we do not like. People, especially women tend to watch romantic telenovelas in order to satisfy their need to be caressed and loved. Once they lose this in relationship, they need to compensate this need in some other way. such and addiction, if not voluntary is with all possibility not good for anybody. here we need to work on the relationship in order to get better and strenghten the bond, so that one does not compensate the despondency in relationship by watchin tv operas. on the other hand, if one leads a meaningful and content life, then is there something wrong if one is volunterily and consciously addicted to something? If the addiction is voluntary, which may sound paradoxical, then such an addiction is in fact a good addiciton. It helps me to do my job, which I should consider meaningful as well. If one has a cigarette or a coffee in order to be able to work in the work one likes and deems contrubutional to society, then one should not have remorse although society may tells him so. Today we consider coffee, nicotine as detrimental to our health. but what about excessive working out or jogging? this may be in a long term more detrimental than coffee, cigarette or ocassional getting drunk. We see things that have immediate effect as more dangerous than things that makes us dependent and addicted in the long term. There are some studies that say that one gets addicted to cigarettes after one pack. One may get addicted to jogging after a few steps and may destroy ones legs. I think that the vital difference is whether the addiction one has is making me chained or rather helps in in other spheres of my life. The meaning of our life is not to live as long as possible. our aim is, I think, to live a life that is meaningful, longevity or early death notwithstanding. if one sees the addiction as such that brings one pleasure and energy to focus on things that one sees important and meaningful, then I would not consider such addiction evil. We all are addicted, on food, on medicaments, on hobbies, on people. I think that rather then getting rid of these addictions it is better to acknowledge them, see whether they chain us or make us happier and whether we use it as a tool to do other things, or whether we are only waiting to do the job and then get to the addiction again.

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