happiness in suffering

I saw a movie that was shot last year called Agnus Dei. It was about nuns that were in a convent and were raped by soldiers at the end of the second world war. There were many dillemas about life, faith, and also happiness. One of the nuns said that faith is twenty four hours of doubts and one minute of happiness. What is happiness? I think that happiness is more a tool to get to God, not the aim of the life itself. If we are happy, we are close to God. Should we only aim to be happy, for example have a nice living, food etc, then such happiness would be meaningless. True happiness lies in the fact that we use the things as for example food, hobbies, money and tso on in order to feel good, be happy in a way and use the happiness in order to get nearer to God. It is necessary to feel good in order to do good things but on the other hand when someone goes through some suffering, then one may also be happy if he sees some meaning in that suffering. that is the things, the essence of happiness. one may be happy when one has a great dinner. after a great dinner one feels fine and one should know that the feeling of satisfaction is not the end in itself, but merely a way further. Once I have enough energy, once I feel fine, I should use the energy that I get from what makes me happy to make God happy. some people may get involuntarily into suffering, for example the nuns that got raped and may and should see what happened to them as a gift to God. Anything that happens to us can be either transformed into Good or Evil. NOTHING that comes from outside is purely good or purely evil. If I find happiness in suffering, then also God is happy because I accept what he imposes on us although he may not want us to suffer. We can be sure that God loves us, be we cannot be sure whether the things that come are from God or from Satan. The only thing we can be sure about is that if we accept anything that happens to us a way to learn how to love more, then we shall find true happiness and then there is nothing to be afraid of and nothing to fear.

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