Jesus as God and human

I would like to philosophize a bit in this entry about the nature of Jesus. As a practicing roman catholic I must at first state that I belive that Jesus is God. The trinity is God and Jesus is part of it. Nevertheless, I do not dispute the idea that Jesus was merely a prophet, or maybe a common mortal that was very charismatic and could attract crowds. What is the main reason for holding Jesus God? For believer it is the fact that the only way to heaven is through Him. For non believers, this is irrelevant and here we see that they may not hold Jesus as a prophet or God or anything, but his ideas are universal his (un)Godly nature notwithstanding. It is good to be good, that is basically what Gospel is about. One does not need to believe in Jesus as God in order to be a good person. I think that this also means that once one is a good person,follows everything that is in the Gospel but does not believe in Jesus as God, then such a person is not doomed but in fact very close to God.

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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