What is a nation?

What is a nation? I do not think that it is color,boundaries but a social construct. I think that it is a covenant that we, this group, not based on color, physiology or anything predominantly given but voluntarily decided on, chose to be in a group that has same rules. For example, if one want to be an American, he has to adopt the flag, pledge of allegiance, constitution, American history and so on in order to become a fully-fledged member of American society. Anyone may become an American if he adopts the rules that that particular coutnry holds sacred, democracy, liberty etc. If we hold the nation as a nation of certain physiological features, then who would be Americans? Only native Americans are the real inhabitants, the indigenous people that may call themselves Americans, all others are immigrants from Europe, Africa or other continents. This is what I like about United States the most. Here in middle Europe, we have a history of defining who is who based on personal history, on lineage, on blood. During the second world war, there were commisions that who digged deep into ones past in order to find whether the predecessors were of Jewish origin or not. This reminds me of one drop rule in America during slavery. Although someone may have caucasian features, they digged into his past in order to find whether some time in the past there was a color human included. This is today considered ludicruous, but in a way, racism still exists. It is necessary to see that any society that should function should be based on a community, a comunal decision to uphold certain ideas, today the most important visions are democracy, unity, liberty, safety etc. Unless we stop measuring people according to their given assets, we shall never get further in morality and companiship

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