Midsummer night

as an amateur actor in the midst of preparation on performance of Midsummer night dream I cannot refrain from pointing on some of Shakespears genius in this play. First is a notion which Shakespear uses in many his works and that is honesty. A group of unskilled actors perform a play in a play. This play is very awkward and the count Theseus that watches this play admires it nevertheless. Notwitstanding the unskill of the group of craftsmen he see that their honesty and enthusiasm is what makes their play so much amusing. He himself says: should our imagination see what they see in themselves, they would be just perfect. Now, they are perfect only in their minds, due to their honesty towards the cause. They are also perfect in the eyes who do not care about the awkwardness but about the art that is innate, not learned. the craftsmen do not know how to play a play, they are not actors that were taught how to perform and act of theatrical action, yet they are good, better than actors that are perfect in their acting skills but lack the honesty, that is vital and essential to any human act, be it art or craft or anything else. Those who care only about what is learned, can never appreciate the raw honesty and uprightness, naive childish enthusiasm of people who do what they like and do not care about what should or should not be present in a play. Jesus also admires the naivity and spontaneity of childs and calls all people that are not afraid to look without doubts towards God Gods children. I think that what we feel is more important than doing something that we do not like but may have a great(learned) skill in. In no way would I want to despise education, I only want to highlight that education that comes from outside, by others is not as worthy as what comes out of our nature, out from our hearts, that is what WE really our, this cannot be taught. Our soul tells us what to do, what is learned is taken by someone else, it does not come out of our true self. This is the case of the unskilled actors in the play as well. they are naive(not stupid) and honest, which makes them the true actors, as opposed to the artifical actors with acting school and sterile knowledge.

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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