artifical conception

When I drove in a tram the other day, I saw an ad to donor sperm. I thought to myself, whether one knows that this is not the best way to get pregnant but can we say that it is really evil? From the perspective of men, this may be only a tool to earn money. This is much easier to deplore than the plight of women who are in such a state as to get pregnant with an anonymous donor of sperm. From the catholic perspective, any way different from a sexual intercourse is inacceptable. even in marriage, it is not allowed to use any kind of contraception and the ejaculation must always be into womans vagine. I do not want to delve into theological theories about why this is teached by Church, I would like only to see whether to donor a sperm is morally acceptable or not. in my view, human should not go against the grain, against the will of God. If one want to have children then it is natural to have them, but I do not think that this should be done with force. not everything that is allowed is good for us. the fact the today it is possible to create life in a test tube does not mean that this is a good thing to do. i do not deplore people what have children in this way, but I think that this approach is not good at all. one should strive for things one want, children as well, on the other hand, one should not think that one knows better than God what to do. maybe there are other things at stake for me in the future. maybe it is better to be humble, not in a passive way, to give up doing anything, but to see into ones eyes and ask whether my need to have children or anything else is either egoistical, or so strong that it drowns the calling of ones heart, the true message God has for us.

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