Addicted to medicaments

I wrote the other day an article about whether addictions are wrong or detrimental for people. I basically claimed that once the addictions help us to overcome certain troubles and help us to be good in other spheres, then such addictions do not need to trouble us, what is important is the freedom of spirit, the knowledge that addiction should help us, not bound us. We should know that should we lose the addiction, nothing happens, which is a sign, that the addiction does not control us, but that we control it. Another such addiction is medicaments. can we say that medicaments are wrong for us because we need them a depend on them with our lives? it is not possible to say that all addictions are evil. nevertheless, we should know that the addiction is here in order to help us, not in order to control us. once I do not know how to function without a cigarette or without a beer, then such addictions really is detrimental to us. the same applies to medicaments. it is good that medicaments help us to live, but the life itself is more important the the longevity that medicaments give us. if one uses medicaments just to live and then everything else is uninteresting to one, then such an approach is more detrimental then the addiction itself.

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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