relativity of happiness

I overheard the other day a discussion of two homeless people. One told the other that he is very fortunate because he has enough food to keep him running till morning. This was was not irony, this was a serious utterance. THe homeless man felt lucky because he can be sure that he survives without hunger till morning. I realized that happiness is so relative. can we call the mans plight happiness? can we really call it a plight? what if he lives like this by choice? this is of course not much probable, but nevertheless, who are we to judge him or try to help him to accomodate and assimilate into our lifestyle? maybe such a person is really happier than the mainstream society with worries about make up, job, money etc. maybe the freedom one has when one has nothing corresponds with the nothiness of things. maybe the less one has, the happier one is as Dionysus says. it is necessary to find a boundry where one is happy or at least content with fewer things, rather then having much things, money, property and be unhappy because these material things burden ones mind.

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