God and god

is it meaningful to give God a form? I am glad that many people does not believe in God that they imagine. People have fantasies and images of God but such images are only gods in peoples minds. It is very good that they do not believe in such images. the true God is not our imagination, our picture, what we want God to be. true God is something unimaginable, something that can be grasped only when It wants to be grasped, not when we want to. Faith that is based on MY imaginations is not faith. it is necessary to believe in Gods way that might be very different from mine. people who do not belive in God, atheists, agnostics, other religion etc do not basically not believe in God but merely do not believe in their imagination of God, which is very true. true faith makes one free, as opposed to the views of many non believers who think that faith wants to chain people. zodiac signs and such things chain people because it says people that something is good and something is bad. Faith helps people to look into ones heart and find there what is good and what is evil but never has absolute infinite answers. faith is not about absolute dogmatic answers. faith is about beliefe in God, about Love that only is absolute and everlasting. belief in something that I thought up would be really meaningless. take for example food. many people make and idol of food. they think, and sometimes it even my case, that food is their friend who brings them joy. but how can I feel good when I eat my friend? Food is not my friend, food is necessity to survive, but it is not an end of the life in itself, to eat is not the meaning of our lives, it is only a tool to be able to do other things. I think that once God touches us, once we stop believing in our fantasies, then it is impossible to do apostasy. once one sees the mercy of God, not of god, then it is impossible to refrain from being such absolute Love.

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