menagerie for animals and people

menagerie for animals and people
I would like to delve today again a bit into the notion of menagerie. this concept that I use for description of the society of today that gives way to the powers that be instead of using its own head is maybe a bit blurred. Basically, the concept of menageries stands for a place, a circus possibly where wild animals are kept for exhibit in captivity. this parallel can be applied to people as well. we are predominantly wild, as Thoreou says. wildness is our spirit, we should not curb our desires. this does not mean that wilderness, meaning brutality, atavism and animal instincts should overcome us. wildness is the freedom of spirit, whereas wilderness I would say is what puts boundaries on us from inside. we are kept subdued by our base desires and needs, if we let ourselves to be subdued by it. this is the menagerie that comes from the inside, whereas menagerie that come from the outside is such that is imposed on us by the rich, the powerful and mean. menagerie for animals if involuntary, for people it is inevitably voluntary. we are kept in captivity by our desires or by the powers that be only when we let ourselves be subdued. we wear uniform because they say we should, we shop because we are told that capitalism and consumerism is the core of modernity. consumerism is what keeps wealthy people rich, they need us to shop in order to live and be our slave owners. they say that we should have six pack on our bellies because today the look is so much evaluated and cosmetic companies need us to think that look is important. For women it is more important to look good then to feel good,in clothing for example. For men it is vica versa. now where is the line between what is benefitial for us and what is not? I read in a biography of Grace Kelly that she was so much preoccupied with her body, that when it started to fade, after birth and with age, she felt very frustrated. it is important to feel good in ones body, but looks is not everything. once we keep ourselves in a meangeries of looks, then we shall never be happy. how to get out of this plight? I would say that education is the only way out. education that does not say this and that is right and wrong, but right the opposite. education should teach us how to look into our hearts and minds and how to find what is right and wrong. education does not teach one some facts, this is not education but becoming an animal kept for display because it know what the society wants one to know. education lets everyone to have ones own ideas and believes. education is innate to all of us, only when we want to look into our hearts and not let be overcome by what others say.

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