value of ones life

I was thinking about whether there are people who do not value their own life and are therefore likely to not value the lives of others. i think that it is possible that someone is likely to risk ones life because one does not like oneself and that might be the reason that one puts someones life at risk. for example people who would commit crimes must be such people very often. in prisons, people do not want to die but are not so much careful about their safety I would say that average human. I do not speak about crimes that are thought up or done on the spur of the moment. here I have well thought crimes on mind. if someone thinks about a crime, then such a person much also know that he puts his life at stake. on one hand it is good to be able to sacrifice ones life, if it is for a good cause. on the other, if one puts one life at risk just in order to gain something, then such a person does not do anything good. to put ones life as a shield to protect something or someone that I consider good is a good way how to find a meaning in ones life. on the other hand, to risk one life recklessly then one does not do really a good thing. there are limits of course and compromises. if I do not value my life, then such an approach is as evil as I value it too much. It is important to see ones life and meaningful only in the context of using it for a good cause.

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