today I received the sacrament of confirmation. Now I should be a mature catholic. I must say I felt the presence of Holy Ghost although I rather had not expected or anticipated to feel athing. nevertheless, Holy  Ghost came to me right when I did secretely hoped for it to come. it was the greatest surprise. when I came into the church I knew that all that was worth it. There is some reason in all spirituality humans receive. it is not important to think about everything, sometimes it is better to be guided although I may not know where or by whom. sometimes it is better to be left without any thinking and just go on. I registred for confirmation on the spur of the moment when I saw the prospect in the church I visited for the first time. I chose my Godfather when I randomly met a colleague of mine after some years. it all comes as a small pieace into mosaic and if we let ourselves to be guided by God, then He will not let us down. 


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