I found in the library a book about Anne Frank, who was a holland child that together with her family hid herself in the back of a store house and lived some years there during the second world war. her story is a very raw and through immaculate child perspective seen picture of the war. Anne talks about everything they do in a very straight and candid way. the more I read life stories and factual literature the more upset I get when i come across a piece of fictional literature because i see that the naturalness is what really keeps me attached to what I read. In her life story we see how she matures and yet keeps her child view about the world around. Although the war rages and she must endure much more than an average person, she does not loose her wits and good humour. One passage was very interesting. Anne talks there about her relationship with her mother whom she does not really like because they argue very often. it is hard to judge from this perspective because Anne says that although her mother wanted to strike a better relationship with her and apologizes Anne still does not want to get nearer metaphorically speaking to her. Anne claims that the unjustice by her mother is true and that she may feel pity and commiseration for the mother but cannot be friends with her. This may of course be right. she may feel unjust because the child is usually at the will of it parents, on the other hand,we all make mistakes and once the mother apologizes the child should be ready to do the same move. this is of course a nice theory and children have much longer rebel span than adults usually have. nevertheless, it is good to realize that we all make mistakes, children and adults as well, we all are still on the onset of our journey, we still have much to learn and morality is according to my Christian belief something that cannot be learn because it is given to us in order to distinguish us from animals. It is already perfected within ourselves, the only thing we may do is to discover what is already given to us by revealing that we know what is good and evil when we really give up our ego and start to look into our hearts to see the truth.

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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