development of Anne Frank

as I progress with the diary of Anne Frank I see very vividly her premature unnatural development due to the war conditions she has to endure. She talks bout looking back at the entries months ago and she reflects on her development of the relationship towards her mother. At first she talks as a child, angry, insecure because she has to be locked in a house. she is maybe experiencing same feelings as adolesents who are banned by their parents to go out to disco or so. when she matures, she sees much more the morality of their plight. in the first weeks she felt unjust, possibly due to the fact of being locked in the house, although being locked meant being safe. now after months in the house she sees that there is not a reason to act like a child anymore and she focuses on the unjust situations much more reasonably. she does not argue so much with her mother but in a situation where she was attacked by her parents due to a minor cheekness, she reflects very soundly on the fact that if they did not chastize her, she would much more willingly give up the behaviour. she does not anymore uses harsh words but uses her reason and sees the morality of things much clearly. she wants to stay within a community because she sees the sense of the whole thing. We may argue whether it is good or not to mature so quickly, but anyway, this diary is a very vivid account of how a human changes under severe conditions and once one chooses to develeop into a better person, difficult conditions may brings one nearer to ones aim than under conditions that would not one force to look after oneself so intensly.

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