adaptation to environment

Our ability to adapt to the environment that surrounds us is incredible. unfortunately, this ability may prove very dangerous and detrimental if we choose to adapt to surrounding that is not morally acceptable and evil. this was the case in my country for forty years. after the second worldwar the communist regime took over the power and ruled here and many people adapted to it without remorse. this regime was not far from criminal, with its imprisonment of innocent people who talked against it atrocities, killings of prisoners, torture etc. By this I would like to demonstrate that our ability to adapt is very useful but there is also a hitch, we must adapt to things that make us grow, not regimes that keep us subdued or as I repeaty in most entries-in menagerie. Here I would like to talk about the adaptation to capitalism or more precisely to consumerism. Today we see it almost everywhere, ads to things that we need otherwise our life would not have a meaning. unless we have this and that our life is empty, we are nothing and nobody. once we get it, we may feel satisfied but not for long. if we let ourselves be ensnared in this trap of unconditional consumption, it shall in the end consume us.

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