Gods mercy

I came across an interesting idea lately. According to my faith, every human has a free will, this is basically what is my blog about. As a catholic Christian I believe that all people are endowed with it unalienable ability to choose between good and evil and I believe that this is the prinicipal thing that distinguishes us from animals. We may debate of course how come that some people are more or less prone to discern between good and evil, for example psychopaths, but I still feel that although some may have the level of emotional intelligence or empathy lower, we all are intrinsically good and know what is right and wrong. with experience and via situations where we have to choose between right and wrong we get more and more skilled in distinguishing evil from good but this process is not learning to discern good from evil, it is not about studying traits of good and evil according to some given prescripts, it is more revealing what is already absolutely given within ourselves. Now to the idea that I came across. Once we do evil with our free will, we get away from God, we further ourselves from him and then we should not be within his mercy. this means that when we further from him, we might not be able to use his gifts of discering between good and evil. nevertheless, although one may do evil volunterily and consciously, one may also then refrain from doing it. this basically means that although we hurt God, he never leaves us but just the opposite. this moral ability is universal. we may be as evil as possible and we always shall and will have the choise to turn again to God, this unalienable right shall He never remove from us, this is I believe what makes this life meaningfull, the neverending mercy that is God.

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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