who is my boss?

He is my boss, what can I do? I heard this utterance in a movie the day before and thought about the morality behind this. Who is my boss really? is it myself, metaphorically speaking or is it someone else? who can and should be my boss? in an article some time ago I discussed inner and outer menagerie. The former is such that comes from within, that means when we are controlled by our instincts, biological needs etc and the latter is such that is imposed on use by the government, society, consumerism etc. we need to avoid being in any form of menagerie. If we let ourselves inhibit by anything , we shall never have the wild spirit, wildness that is innate to our substance and nature. so when asking the next time who is my boss, let us not show fear to fight the injustice if we feel like it, but let us not be egotisitical and beligerent towards authorities, although we may not agree with our boss, it is necessary to think andtalk about what we feel because we may see that the boss is right after all. we must show reverence to people above us but to people below us as well.

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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