forever decision

My sister just finished her high school. I am very happy for her. unfortunately, there are not all hat do finish their studies. It is not the end of the world when one does not pass the school leaving exam, there is always a chance to repeat it in a remedial date, nevertheless, some do not want or cannot carry the burden of failing. My sisters schoolmate commited suicide after what he had failed in the exam. it is never easy today to live up to, the world puts so much strain on everybody and some just choose to not accept it and when they do not see any other alternative, there is only one forever decision that sets all their problems. it is always difficult to cope with something like this. I only hope that the parents keep their memory of their son as beautiful as possible because we shall never learn what was the real motive behind such an act. the worse it all gets that the school was a church led one. could this approach also possibly contribute to the strain upon the young boy? church should help us to bear our burdens.Romans 15:1 says: We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves. but is there always someone who stop pleasing oneself and looks more on the needs of another? the greater this tragedy is that even in this church surrounding there was noone who would alleviate the boys problems. let us at least prey for his soul and for the future people who may be at temptation to end their lifes so that they find someone who listens to them and shows them the way. the someone will not be some stranger, it can only be us.

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