True heroism

A blind man came across when i was thinking about the arrangment of oil and vinegar in my kitchen. I suddenly thought to myself about what is important in this life. Both is important. To think about health and also to think about kitchen arrangement. Nevertheless it is important to not overestimate small things and also to underestimate things that are of Life importance. I also thought that such a man should be a hero for todays young people who give up their life once a small thing does not come in their way. young people today have no heroes. We think of action man with muscles and guns as heroes. This is not heroism in the sense we need today. Today we need to show solidarity and endurance, among other things. Someone who becomes blind and endures the life nevertheless, accomodates to the new conditions is heroism we need today, especially for young people.

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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