absolutely evil deeds

can rape be relativized? I often claim that what is at stake is not what one does, but how one does anything. imagine murder of an innocent in order to rob him and a killing of a terrorist. one thing doen differently, one probably immoral, evil, the other moral and good. do we know it for sure? with rape I dare say we know for sure that it is evil. institutionalized rape was used as a tool to subdue black women during the slavery in the us. such act is from its core evil because it stems from a predominantly male desire to use women as a tool, to humiliate them, to indulge ones ego. should we think that rape might be good, we would have to think a situation where someone would do a favour by raping someone else and this is irrational, there cannot be such thing. logically then, there are probably deeds that are totally evil as opposed to deeds that might be done in a good or evil way.

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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