Voluntary creation of menagerie

I was at a wedding yesterday and I saw my sister leaving and returning after a while. I asked my cousin what you were doing and he told me that she goes to take a smoke. I didn’t know that my sister’s smoked and I tried to think why People smoke. Smoking is nothing difficult. it does not make you a better person. I think that this correlates with intelligence. Intelligent people do not need to uphold their ego by smoking or tatooing themselves as less intelligent people do. There is difference between stupidity and Intelligence. One cannot choose to be intelligent. It is true that the less intelligent the less one thinks about things but nevertheless to do stupid things does not absolutely correspond with intelligence. We all have a free choice. If I choose to be stupid and I do things like smoking then i can blame intelligence and indeed my conditions are worse than those who are intelligent but in some prospective less intelligent people have their lives easier. They live a more spontaneous life as I know from my career of social care worker. On the other hand by not thinking so much about life they are prone to do stupid things as for example smoking. It is difficult for me to accept that such an intelligent person as my sister does such a stupid thing. If she were not so intelligent it would not be so difficult for me to accept it. when I see that even intelligent people do such stupid things then it is hard for me to enjoy the Society of intelligent people as I think i do.by doing stupid things, things that may make me feel good for a while but things one must know are wrong, one creates virtually a physical menagerie of oneself. addiction to anything puts me in a cage out of which I may very hardly get out of.

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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