Who am I to judge?

I saw recently a movie An ambiguous report about the end of the world and coincidently read at the same time a book by Peter Jaros called One thousand years old bee. Both pieces of art were about a hard life and an easy pleasure basically. A hard workd, a hard life,then getting drunk,have sex, cheap pleasure. Can one say that it is immoral? I cannot imagine so hard a life. the characters in the book were most of their lifes very unhappy and poor. not only poor, the life there was mostly about fear of death. many men died when working in the woods, many children died during birth, many women died when giving a birth and so on. today it is impossible to think about loosing ones child and then remaining normal, I think that it is not possible to remain sane. back then, people have children, the children died, not one, but two or more. they had rather as many children as possible, five was very usual. i heard that sex is a pleasure for poor and in this case it figures. It is so easy for me to make moral judgments about people but back then? a guy had his girl in a village, then moved to another, stayed there for some months possibly and to relax from the hard work had sex with some other women, got drunk many times for the same purpose. can I despise such a behaviour? in fact, it is despicable, but by saying that I sound even to myself hypocritical. I had no hard work, I even do not know what hard work is. I have everyting I need and much more. how can I be so hard on the people that get drunk or have casual sex in order to relax? when someone works so hard, does not he deserve to have some pleasure? In fact I think that the more one endures, the better one gets, but how can I judge? unless one experiences the experiences of some other, should not one stick to ones own experience?

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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