absolute communication

absolute communication
in the end all our communication that is not relative but absolute goes down to the dichotomy of good and evil. as well as a worm is predestined to become a butterfly , it is its inevitable entelechy, ours is to distinguish between good and evil. In the end, it is the most universal and most written about subject. all our communication is basically about striving to achieve a certain aim. the aim may be good or evil. Only through words can we see absolutely what is good and evil. that is the only absolute communication. all other communication concering everyday life is relative, the words we hear can we interpret anyhow but when we concern ourselves about topics of universality like good and evil, then there is an absolute consensus or there is nothing. teleology of communication is to distinguish between good and evil, the understanging of the concept of good and evil can be absolutely because the concepts of good and evil, as our ultimately entelchy are embedded within our conscience even sooner that we are begotten.

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