Admit that we dont want to die

Admit that we dont want to die
I have written so many times that a meaningfull death is more valuable that a meaningless life. nevertheless, are we really ready to give up our lifes for a good cause? noone wants to die, but why? for non believers there is nothing after death and so it is natural that one does not want to die. Should be there a difference between a believer and non beliver? I think that ontologically we are all spiritual beings, I dare say that it is impossible to be a pure non believer. we may argue that we are theists or atheists, gnostics or agnostics, but after all, we all believe in something. my father claims to be a non believer, but in my eyes, all that he does is trying to make the world a better place. he quitted a well paid job in order to lobby for a better air, to stop burning coal in power plants but rather use energy from wind. is there a better example of a believer? one does not need to count the pieces of a rosary to get into heaven. on the other hand, do we do good deed in order to get into heaven?if so, then such an approach is in my view alibistic and hypocritical. our entelechy is to be good which is our utmost happiness. we do not need to think about heaven if we want to be happy here on earth. thinking about heaven is I think meaningless because theological and spiritual topics do not require so much thinking as believeing. and here the faith comes full circle. we all believe in something because it is our predestination. it is meaningless to think about whether I am this denomination or that, whether I am believe or atheist, I think that if we look into our hearts then we see what is good and what is evil and then we either choose to do good or not. this should be also the case with death. if we see a meaning in what we do, then we would not be afraid to die during doing it. to live as long as possible is not our entelechy. I read an account about a fireman who saved many lives during 9.11 but lost his own. The wife and children were utterly despondent but in the end admitted that there could not be a better death for their father and husband and that they would not even want him to do things differently. It is very easily written but more difficult to do. I do not admit that it would be easy for me do die, but on the other hand, if one stops thinking rationally about ones life and lets oneself be immersed into what conscience says, then there would not be such a futile thinking about death. If I do what I see is right, then I may even sacrificie my own life without thinking about without the fear of loosing it in vain.

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