I would like to decicate this entry to self-consciousness. This does not have anything in common with pride, on the other hand. being self-conscious is in my view the ability to overcome ones ego, ones pride and ones needs and become to pursue bono commune, common good, being good just for being goods sake. we all naturally think about what is best for ourselves. we do not need to be self-conscious to know when we have the need to eat, sleep etc. being self-consciouss means that we shun these basic physiological desires, we know about them but we use the energy for higher aims. by saying this I do not claim that we should stop eating, notreally, we should be conscious about how much food we need and not eat more than is necessary. if we only let ourselves to be controlled by our physiological needs then we basically are machines that are automatically kept alive, we do not need any common sense to do anything, the body looks after itself without our knowing it. nevertheless we may refrain from being controlled by our basic desire and fulfill higher aims like helping the poor and weaker than ourselves rather then preying on them, which is natural for us, if we keep ourselves be controlled by our instincts, because then we act like animals basically. if I am self conscious enough to know that it is not good to look only after myself, then I see that I can control my own body and the body then can be used for a better purpose. i do not want to sound too prudent but in the end, we know that what my body wants is not always the best thing for me, for my soul. conscience and consciousness is what distinguishes us from animals, I think that it would be a sheer sacrilege to not make us of it. nevertheless, we have to be very careful because the ability to be self-consciouss is also very dangerous. it may make us to be even more selfish than animals. animals just follow their instincts. they cannot be good or evil, they just do what is best for proliferation and future generations, they live only to live, they dont have any other aim. we have the things that is called choice and that is the most important thing in our lives. that is why I try to think about everything that happens. that is why I want to destroy the concept of latent menagerie that is imposed on us by state apparatuses be it ideology or restriction as Louis Althusserl points out. we should never keep ourselves be subdued by anybody and anything. the only measure that is universal is our conscience. we may refine our conscience by debating about what is good and what is evil but in the end it all depends on indiviual conscience because we are all individuals. if we follow the Gods plan for us and not keep ourselves be occupied only by our egos, then we may be sure that we distinguish right from wrong.

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