tesco financial services

tesco financial services
I shop in the above mentioned mall very often. yesterday as I went by I saw an ad for their financial services. How come that something that is predominantly a store suddenly offers something totally different? bank is not a shop at all and yet there are some mutual links that make it working. I am pondering what happens when the big companies grow to be more and more bigger and the small that are not able to compete with them. the state will not advantage the small ones, why would it. after some time, it may happen that we have only the big ones and the super rich ones and the small and normal companies will virtually vanish. Is there something wrong about it? one cannot definitely say. I think that when one entity grows and thanks to the capital it makes gets even bigger, then it should keep the competion fair. Naturally, when an animal is strong than another it will keep nothing from its prey for the weaker one. on the other hand, we people are not animals and the good society is such that looks after its weak ones as well. naturally, the stores compete among themselves, that is alright, nevertheless if we compete not against ourselves, but together against poverty and inequality, we may reach higher feets than only making the weak weaker and the strong stronger.

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