is selfishness a part of our lives?

is selfishness a part of our lives?
I had an interesting discussion the other day about relationships between people and how we interact with each other. I realized that we all wear masks. We do not want people to know our true self. as Freud says persona is what we show and the person behind it is something we guard very meticulously. I think that it is necessary to admit that it is natural for us to be careful and somewhat theatrical. it is also a kind of instinct, to protect our secrets, our true self because we never know to whom we confide in. on the other hand , should not we try to get rid of these pretentions as much as possible. on one hand we should acknowledge that we also have an evil part of our personalities, such that we shall never get completely and absolutely rid of, it is the hereditary sin as Christians claim. on the other hand, such statement does not mean that we should keep on doing evil things and pretending that we are someone who we are not. the meaning of this life is not to get rid of evil absolutely, but getting rid of it gradually. the evil shall never be destroyed here in this world. our plight is that we are destined to this world to shun evil and do good if possible but evil will only be destroyed at the end of the world, which we do not know when it comes.

nema smysl rikat si ze nejsme sobic, vsichni se pretvarujme, mame masky, ale neni smyslem se jich zbavit, ale zbavogat. uplne to nepujde. zlo je bohuzel nase cast.

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