Woody Allen once said: Don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone you love. Indeed, it is self love, not love of someone you love as he thinks. it is not possible to love oneself with true sexual love. such love is only egoism that needs to be knocked, this is how I would change his quotation. I do not know how serious he might have been but I would think that he really meant it. is there really something wrong about masturbation? there are naturally view about the good of masturbation, it makes one relaxed, gets one rid of strees, it is pleasurable, some even say that it is indispensable to healthy development of young people and even encourages them to do it. I am not a physician I do not know, but from a personal experience I can say that sexual abstinence is not in any way harmful. It is not only priests that may live in a celibacy, also regular people that seek a partner and marriage should learn how to abstain from sexual arrousment until they find themself a husband or a wife. I do not know about any danger it may cause but I surely know that such abstinance makes one patient and one also learns how to control ones ego and bodily needs. it is the same as when one curbs ones needs in eating. We usually eat more than we need and thus have health problems, overweight, heart problem etc. If we learn to curb our desire to eat so much and to eat unhealthily, we can only benefit from it. it is the same case as with masturbation. if we und berstand that true love can only be between two persons, between a man and a woman, then only shall we learn the beauty of sexuality as given to us by God.

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