consider your brother a better person than you are

consider your brother a better person than you are
as I were praying the breviery I came across this verse and I find it very helpful. in my job as a social care worker for people with mental handicap I sometimes see a people with behaviour that says that they are those that should lead the lives of those less intelectually gifted. naturally, in this profession when ones role is to help others it is the way of life that we show the people entrusted to us what to do and how to do it. nevertheless it is terribly important to not see them as people that are in everything less able than we are. all persons have certains assets, certain gifts that are not substitutable and as John Donne says: with every death the world loses a piece of itself. I think that if we who help others approach them as people that only need help and are not able to help reciprocally in some other way, then we very quickly a belief in the dignity and uniqueness of any human life. if on the other hand we approach them as reciprocally benefitial, then we create a partnership that is equal even with those that may not seem equal in some ways. I think that it is the cornerstone of any relationship to see the other person as naturally weak and worse in some ways than me but also stronger and better in other ways. to reach some equilibrium in relationships is I believe the most important aim of any interaction in society.

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