You can buy it from home,if you have home..

You can buy it from home,if you have home..
Yesterday I saw this inscription on the cinema banne and I thought to myself that it is very poignant. people in the western society can do so much from home, someone even stays at home all day and works from here. on the other hand some people have to travel or stay out from home for weeks or months. nevertheless, they still have home. what is home actually? is it a place that is immovable or is it a millieu that one can bring with oneself anywhere one goes? I think that many people consider their home a place they grew up. usually this place is connected with a certain amount of nostalgy, according to the memories and upbringing one has. the above mentioned inscription sees home as a static entity, a building or at least a place one may have ones stuff and feel safe and be able to buy things via the internet. now, what about the people that do not have a home? someone may have a house but feel without home, because one does not have a family or a people that would create a surrounding that would make him feel good and safe. on the other hand someone who is homeless, eg.having no material background may be called homeless but may see ones home in a group of peole he spends time with. it may be his home, ones home may be a street or someone elses home may be the road. pilgrims are on the road and they may consider the neverending of it their home. the end of the road may be their home that is unatteinable because home also has to be a kind of a dynamic millieu in order for us to feel there at home. this may not be applied to all because for someone the home may be a place that is very stabile and know, a place where nothing surprises you. nevertheless, for most people I think that home is a place connected with people, with children, with parents and here the dynamics in inevitable. the way of life is that the parents die and children are born. if we seek as home a place where we feel totally secured without any surprise I am afraid that we shall never be totally satisfied. I think that it is much more prudent to accept the dynamics of life, the ever changing nature of world and rather find our home in the ability to adapt to changes. if we let ourselfes to not be surprised by changes, then we found actually the place where we feel safe although it is dynamic and not stabile.

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