how valuable is health?

how valuable is health?
I am reading a book by Czech vice premier who claims that health as today so much and so often emphasized is not the most important thing in our life. I must agree with this because if we only focus on the fact that we want to live as long as possible then we lose the meaning of our lifes. they say that if someone wants to live longer then he may prolong his life by running for example, by eating healthily and so on. on the other hand, should one spend ones time by these activities then the time gained is also time lost during doing these activities. I think that tis much more important to live according to ones conscience and not according to what the society says. Of course, the establishment wants us to live in the artificial menagerie as I very often mention. they want us to work as long and as effectively as possible. they also need us to be healthy and satisfied. that is what we get now as in the past civilisations bread and circusess, bread and games. the menagerie we are brought into is such that says us that we need to spend basically everything we earn so that we keep the economy running. this is the core of capitalism. the rich people need us to be satisfied and not to want more. there is a fine line between what we need really and what the society wants us to think that we really need. I believe that the less one has, the more one is able to think about important things. once I am preocupied with things that are pleasant but not necessary, then I start to accept the menagerie voluntarily. health is also such menagerie. naturally, we should want to be healthy because health is a potential to do good things. this need to be healthy should however stem from our intrinsic need to do good, and not to live as long as possible because such thing is what ego wants, not our true self. if we try to do good things then we need not to think about our life or health because the fact that we are good surpasses our ego desire to think about oneself. take for example food, we need not to eat as much as we do and yet we do it. we give in the base physiological needs in much greater grade than we really need. should we avoid the menagerie that our bodies put upon us, then we would be I think much more able to focus on different things. if we live in order to eat, to live as long as possible, to enjoy pleasures of the world then we get doomed sooner or later because there is not a true happiness in such egoistical way of life. the natural need to be healthy is something that we may pursue purposefully. we should see a meaning in any activity we do. if we life running then we should run and be happy for it because we now do both, enjoyment and contributing to our health. this is not a waste of time. unless I enjoy any activity not by ego but by the fact that the activity is a good thing to do then I waste the time spend by the activity and potentially also the time that I gained by doing that activity. another things is that what is healthy for one may not be healthy for another. this correspond with what I just said. even running if not enjoyed may be harmful for someone. it is always more important to enjoy the activity, see the meaning and purpose of that activity and not do it because someone says it is good, then I only again keep myself volunterily in the menagerie, I let my choice and free will be controlled and overtaken by someone else, I let myself be in a cage. I sometimes have problems with my grand mother. she wants me to come by from time to time and help her in the garden. this may sound silly but unless I realized that helping her is not a waste of time I bore gruge against the work I was assigned to do. I used to dislike it because I considered it a waste of time. instead of wasting time by digging the garden I wanted to read or write but now I see that any activity may be done in a good way and that any activity if considered purposeful helps us in a way, either intelectually or physically, but we need to bear in mind that we need to cultivate both or rather all aspects of our personality and our body. This is the old greek ideal of kalos kai agathos-kalokagathis. both beautiful and wise. I think that this is the way of life, to cultive both our mind and our body. we need to find an equlibrium between these two approaches. naturally, we people are different ,someone may be more focused on body and someone on mind and we should not denounce any approach. on the other hand I think that it is terribly important to enjoy with purpose even the activity that I do not considered benefitial for me with because I never know what that activity may bring me and how it can enrich my life.

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