Everything may help

i was at a mass with a friend of mine and my grandmother that is very active, active in bothering way. I knew that my friend does not sing, she did not take the prayer book with songs either and yet my grandmother was active of course and offered my friend to sing together. I felt like embarassed by the behaviour of my grandmother and wanted to tell her to not bother my friend and i began to feel a bit angry because I am less and less tolerant to this kind of unwanted activity towards others. nevertheless, my friend to my astonishment began to sing and after a few minutes even took her own prayer book. i was thinking about this situation. someone thinks that a certan kind of behaviour, eg singing in this case is uncomfortable for one and thus does not do it. I do accept it but some people, as for example my grandmother does not. I do not like this approach and yet it worked. it might have brought my friend nearer to God than some other more benevolent approach. I also like to talk about faith but in the end I would not bother anyone with singing once I know the one does not sing. My grandmother acted a way I dislike but nevertheless it might have helped someone. This helped me to understand that my point of view may not always be the best and that I should never judge people because although they do things I may not like the things they do may help others altough I might not believe so.


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