Constructive anger

Constructive anger
If I hide my negative feelings then I am not honest with the people around me and I also cannot let go of the anger in me. I think that it is better to let the anger go in a constructive way, such that does not hurt, rather than bear grudge against my brothers and sisters and playcate them and oneself. If someone makes me angry and I let the emotions and anger in an emphatic, authentic and not evil egoistic way, then I am authentic, honest and good towards them, basically if I hide my feelings then I lie to the people who are around me and who made me angry and I should not be surprised when they do it again because they cannot know that they did something evil. we should accept that it is natural to be angry and not to hide it as we are tought by the society today. everyone must look pleasant and nice towards the other, pretention is the word of todays society. as long as we live in this menagerie of ˋnice behaviourˋ which is basically a lie, then we are unable to build relationships worthy of our dignity. dignity for ourselves and for others because by pretending we lie to others and to ourselves as well.

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