Good for good´s sake.

Good for good´s sake.
A friend of mine asked me if I could glue her her earring. I had nothing against and as I had a glue I complied. Later, due to the fact that the glue was sealed before and I had to open it, the glue went out in my bag and glued some things I had there. Once I opened the bag I was very angry and thought back to the fact that I helped my friend and yet it was not a girl I was striving for, meaning that I did not want to court her or had any relationship, only friendship. Once I realized this pattern of thinking I told to myself that this is the beginning of sin. If I think only about what I get for what I do, then I am doomed in a way. If the girl was attractive and or if I would want to pursue a relationship, then I would not be so angry because the incident with the glue was worth it-i might have gotten nearer to her. now, when I did not want to be with her, then such an incident made me angry. I subconsciously arrived at such a pattern of thinking and yet I had a choice to either follow it or break it. this is the first step to (not) doing sin. our body has its own will, what it was made for, what it was tought, what it is used to do unconsciously, and yet we ultimately arrive at the opportunity to either do good or evil. Once I subconsciously got angry and thought to myself that the good deed was not worth the glued things, I realized that if I follow this pattern I shall inevitably sin. I told to myself that as long as I help without getting anything in return, then I can be sure that I do a good thing. It should not matter whether the people I help have anything to return. Good deeds always return in ways that one cannot expect-and yet, we should not do good things with the thought in mind that God shall repay us, we should do good just because it is good to do good, for good´s sake.

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