menagerie of normality

menagerie of normality
I came across a condom automat at a public toilet. I thought to myself that the young people who see this probably think that it is natural to buy one just in case an opportunity may show up to have a casual sex with someone. this is not only the case with sexuality but also food for example. the milk farms want us to think that milk is healthy although there are many surveys that say that milk in fact does not help us to have stronger bones, just the opposite, milk works as a degenerator of bones. although it contains calcium, it also contains phospor that inhibits and basically stops the absorption of calcium and does the opposite-takes even the calcium from the bones. Same with wheat. The genetically modified wheath contains many times more doses of gluten than as we were used to eat for centuries. our predecessors used to eat bread as well, people usually tell me. that is correct, but the bread they ate contained a minimal dose of gluten and much fibre, that is the reason why it was beneficial for them but not for us. these notions must be of course taken sceptically. My intention is to make us think about what we hear and see and not accept everything as a complete and absolute truth.

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