Devil inside

Devil inside
I saw a guy in the public transport with this inscription on his t-shirt. I thought to myself why would someone have this on? let us ignore the adolescence desire to be special, to show that one is not a good boy but a rebel and let us think about whether someone may want to look evil intentionally and logically. I imagine the tought bikers may want to look evilish but this is only a kind of style or subculture they show thus affiliation with. can someone be really evil, intentional evil? definitely it is possible. we all have choice to do either good or evil. nevertheless it is terribly important to acknowledge that we can distinguish between good and evil, in other words judge between good and evil and also the quality of ones life only in ones measures-ones own. I can never judge anyone else than myself, that is the vital and essential thing. we may discuss that this behaviour, for example beating ones children is evil but we may never judge the person that it does. we may renounce the act, talk about it to the person but not with the moralistic approach but rather with dialogue. we may even be obliged to help the children and take them from their parent that hurts them if we consider the situation so serious but it is virtually impossible and evil in its way to talk about someone as absolutely evil or doomed. there may be something good in any act and what is more important, a person that does such a thing may have also been beaten in ones childhood and may consider it right-and it may be beneficial in a way although we generally today disagree with physical punishments. it is all a dialogue, let us never forget that people have different purposes, pasts, upbringing and so it is impossible to claim that some behaviour from my perspective is evil. it is necessary to see it through the prism of the person who does it in order to understand full why the person does it. this is inevitably impossible and thus we should never tend to judge anyone but rather try to lead a dialogue whenever we consider some behaviour evil.

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