major and minor changes in a relationship

major and minor changes in a relationship
I realized that women subconsciously, or maybe even consciously try to change their partners. this is a bold statement and yet I shall show how irrational and irrelevant such behaviour is. Women change their partners and when they accomplish it they are prone to get rid of him because he is not anymore the man they chose. This sound a bit silly, does not it? I think that men should keep their dignity and this womens need to change them easily ignore. a healthy relationship-any relationship should be a dialog. we may discuss things that bother us but we should not change ourselves just because the other wants us to. there are two kinds of changes. one is the real inner change of a character and the other is a minor change in order to make the relationship work better. The problem is that women do not distinguish between these two and here the men should be the leading characters. a man should keep its dignity and also the dignity of a woman and yet ignore these her ventures to change him. right the opposite-if the men does not let himself be inflluenced by her, then the woman shall respect and love him much more. this is a bit ironic but it is in my experience the truth. now the minor changes. here the man should be opened to what a woman says and be ready to change oneself. for example if a man leaves a dirty clothes somewhere and the woman asks him not to do it , then if he keeps his ego dignity and ignores her, then this will have the opposite effect. she will not love him more as with major changes, but will begin to despise him because he is controlled by his ego in this minor changes, his minor ego rules which is pitiful.

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