should my body influence me?

should my body influence me?
I wonder whether if one does not feel good physically it is better to say to others so that they leave one alone or whether it is better to play a good mood. I think that both approaches, a mix of both approaches is necessary. On one hand it is good to be honest to others and not pretend that I feel differently from what I really feel, on the other hand the bodily functions should not influence my ego. I may feel entitled to play grumpy when I do not feel well and ignore all other and everything else, or I may let other know that I do not feel well if they are interested but nevertheless I may try to act as politely as possible. My ego my tell me that I am the most important in the world and that when I do not feel well, others should acknowledge it and leave me alone. I may be right in the fact that others including myself must respect the natural flow of things and also of our bodies . on the other hand we should not be led into the menagerie of our bodies. It is much more better to overcome ones ego and body and not let be influenced, if possible, by it. if the people aroud see that I do not feel well but yet I try to do as much as possible for the mutual project we work on, then they will probably respect me much more and even may use it in their own lives.

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