the difference between avoiding evil and doing good

the difference between avoiding evil and doing good
In this entry I would like to philosophize a bit about the nature of good and evil and what is better-whether to avoid evil or do good. One may intentionally do good or evil, there is no other dichotomy. Naturally, most situations are controversial and we need to make a certain compromise, nevertheless any compromise may be done with an intention to gain for ego, or gain for the mutual good. the problem comes when I feel that there is no mutual good and that the other party wants only to gain and make no compromise, then I feel defensive and does not want to let the other party win because I feel that it would not be beneficial for anyone. in such a situation one should be prone to discuss ones aims and also the aims of the other party. this is basically trying to do good. the other ways is to avoid evil and do everything else. the problem with this is that avoiding evil is basically doing good but not intentional. If I avoid doing something that I know is evil, then I may or may not do a good thing. doing good is what matters. just evading the evil deeds is not enough. the paradigm when I think about evil and trying to avoid it is treacherous. I still live in the pattern of thought that tells me what is evil but I also need to see the perspective of both-good and evil. When I focus on evil, then I may not see what is good, but when I focus on what is good, then I must know what is its opposite, what is evil. from this I deduct that doing good is our predestination and by doing good we naturally avoid evil because we recognize it only by the way, not as the main aim of our actions. it comes as secondary because primarily we should focus on what is good and not what is evil.

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