Surrending to Gods will

Surrending to Gods will
Complicated issues may have an easy outcome once we let the problem solve itself. I am not an advocator of letting problems go or ignore, but the other extreme is to get cycled in some kind of hypothetical solution and be totally immersed in something that may not have an outcome, at least something we may not be ableto influence. we humans have the ability to think things and deal with them and I think that it is our way of life. on the other hand,there is a great wisdom in the ability to stop dealing with things and let them go. Having said this, I need also to clarify that letting things go is meant in a way that one shows ones humbleness, in spiritual term one gives ones trust to God and let Him to deal with the issue. It is also very important to say that leaving things to God is not avoiding ones duties. God loves us and if we let ourselves under His control, then we may not be afraid of anything. Nevertheless, He have us our bodies so that we also try to do things alone. this does not mean that He does not want to help us. He is here for us all the time, but what we should do alone, He shall not do for us. Our leaving issues to God should not be alibism. It must be a very deep dedication to God and to his Love. it is the ability that one stops being cycled in some kind of problem without solution and leaves it to Him. This is the wisdom I am talking about.

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