Artificial friendship

Artificial friendship
I watched a sci-fi movie called ‘Her’. The plot was about a lonely man going through a divorce and finding a program, artificial inteligence who became his girlfriend. The AI was only a voice that was basically like a human. I realized that the whole story of someone depending on a machine instead of a human, a girl is very depressive. Their ‘friendship’ if it is possible to call it this way later became an intimate relationship. The choice to have a romantic relationship with an AI instead of a real human being is basically cowardice. it is like having sex with a prostitute because there it is enough to pay instead of exerting certain amount of energy in building love and relationship. the same is here, although here it is not about sex but abount mental support. in real relationships one has to build mutual trust and love so that the communication and support can emerge. here it is enough to buy a product that is a friend to someone. this is basically one-sided relationships, same as with prostitutes. This is a status where one has maximum pleasure and no resposiblity. his only responsibility is to pay. it is same as with any other pleasure that is easily gained or bought. it brings one into a cycle where one thinks that pleasure and more sophistically and philosophically happiness(whatever that means) can be bought. this is again a kind of menagerie that some people (in)voluntarily live in and the only way out is to see that such kinds of relationships can bring nothing to me, because everything the people I buy can bring to me is conditioned no on my responsibility but on my ability to bring them pleasure in other way(money). when one falls into love with such a machine, it cannot work vica versa because the relationships between them was from the beginning based not on equality but on barter, which is always inevitably relative. relationships as opposed to an exchange of one thing for another must be equal, they both have to bring certain sacrifice and certain values that cannot be measured in the way that barter allows the merchants to do so. I also realized that the movie was about a perfect friend. the perfect artificial intelligence always did what the user-not partner, although the protagonist was made to believe so, wanted. in reality one has to be reconciled with faults and imperfections of the other party and I would even say that the imperfections is what makes us build and make the relationship better. should one be perfect, I think that any such building of any relationships would be pointless and meaningless. we would easily choose from the amoung of girls or boys we meet every day and would not think with whom it is worth dedicating staying throught ones life time. if I love someone, then such love should not be naìve but nevertheless should strive to be absolute and unconditional, yet not stupid. one has to do things one would normally not do. Love should be reconciled with what the other is and also what the other is not, what I want her to have but what she does not have, this should not make me feel angry, but rather happy because it teaches me to love her nevertheless.

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